The Labyrinth
A poem by S.A. Moore

Blue markings on a yellow floor,
Back, then forth
Follow the curving threads in your mind
Then back again.

Inside the labyrinth
Inside your mind
It becomes one
A wish.

I pause before I enter
It is dark inside
Seek the light.
Find the space.

Where is the wish?
Where the spaces?
Follow your feet,
Back, then forth.

Slow, slower
Your mind follows the pace
Blank and then filling
And pausing at the light.

It is the end,
The question becomes the answer
You are swallowed by the labyrinth
You are in its belly.

Ravenous for knowledge
Seeking, reaching
But inside you, inside the curves
There is darkness.

Only the one still light.
You turn away, perplexed
Empty, tracing back

The blankness returns
You must go home.
Tracing, pacing, following the path
that becomes the journey.

And then it comes.
the filling
the answer has become the question
And you can follow that.

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