Writers' Community of Durham Region (WCDR): Writing doesn't have to be a solitary act!  I joined WCDR in January of 2010 and have since been elected to the Board of Directors, first as Workshop Coordinator, then VP, and now serving as President.  This is a fun and productive group, and every resource is here to support the creative and the curious writer of all ages and genres.

Cryssa Bazos: Cryssa is a fellow 17th Century enthusiast, a member of my writing circle, and author of The Highwayman historical fiction series.  Her blog is a thought-provoking look at historical fact surrounding the English Civil War.  Cryssa is a fellow member of WCDR and the Historical Novel Society.

Sharon Overend: A talented author and journalist, Sharon is a fellow member of the writing circle, "The Bellas" in Port Perry, and the WCDR.  Sharon is the editor of the WCDR newsletter, The Word Weaver, and runs Word Sharp Writing Services in Durham Region, Ontario.  Sharon's debut novel, Look Away, is now being offered for publication, represented by Cassandra Rogers at The Rights Factory.

Ruth E. Walker: Ruth is co-owner of Writescape and runs wonderful writing retreats in the Ontario region.  Ruth edited my personal essay, Shoulder of the Beast, and is a wonderful mentor and teacher.  She is an award-winning writer, author of Living Underground, poet, editor and creative writing instructor, and coaxes writers to write their words, their way.

Writescape: Gwynn Scheltema and Ruth E. Walker are the perfect hosts for the writing retreats and workshops they organize and teach.  I took the Write to Win and Taste the Page workshops, and retreated to their Turning Leaves event at Sir William Mackenzie Inn.  Their insight and guidance has given me a new perspective on my own work, and encouraged me to enter and win a recent prize for poetry.

The Writing Fairy: Dorothea Helms is an inspiration for all writers!  I have taken workshops with Dorothea as instructor and her encouraging style and professional approach to writing has helped me submit, enter and win awards for my work.  Let her do some magic on your writing!

The Ontario Writers' Conference: Held in Durham Region every spring, the Ontario Writers' Conference is two days of networking, workshops, sessions, master classes and pitches with award-winning authors and talented industry professionals. 

Sherry Coman: An innovative and creative story editor, Sherry Coman is a master writing consultant for novelists and script writers.  My sessions with Sherry on emotional centre of story helped me focus on the sacred image and heart of my story for Legend.  My work with Sherry is a revelation!

Heidi Croot: A fellow member of the writing circle "The Bellas" and a talented memoir and fiction writer, Heidi is an author, business writer and principal at Croot Communications.

JL Madore: Fellow member and founder of "Critical Realm" writing circle, and VP on the Board of Directors for WCDR, Jenny Madore is the author of the award-winning fantasy fiction series Blaze Ignites.

Gwen Tuinman: Fellow WCDR member and Secretary on the Board of Directors for WCDR, Gwen is a talented historical fiction writer and Third Place winner of the Renaissance Short Story Contest for "Pearl Earbobs". 

Pat Schneider: Founder of Amherst Writers and Artists in Amherst, New York, Pat Schneider is a master writing instructor, and trainer of 'The Method" for writing circle facilitation and critique.  Pat's sessions are a deeply moving experience in the journey of the writer, and a revelation in the process of first draft expression. 

Elaine Cougler: Elaine is a fellow WCDR member, and the talented author of The Loyalist Trilogy historical fiction series.

Kevin Craig: Author of YA series of books, including the recently released, Burn Baby, Burn Baby and Half Dead & Fully Broken, Kevin is a past board member of both the WCDR and The Ontario Writers' Conference. 

New Franchise Media: Recently mentioned in Variety, Globe and Mail and U.K. Telegraph, this new film production company caused a stir at TIFF.  Their principals, Dianne Schwalm, former Warner Brothers' executive, and Jeffrey Steiner of Ontario Centres of Excellence, recently inked a deal with best-selling author, Jeffrey Archer. I wrote treatments, promotional materials, and novel adaptation reports for New Franchise, for books by authors such as Susanna Kearsely, Jeffrey Archer and Ting-Xing Ye.

Lucy Brennan : Lucy Brennan is a fellow WCDR member, and a wonderful writer who emigrated from  Ireland.  Her work has a longing and a belonging to it that touches very deeply, and a strong voice that captures you.

Tom Taylor : Tom Taylor is a member of WCDR and a valued member of our writing circle. His novels, Brock's Agent and Brock's Railroad, bring history to life through his beloved hero, Jonathon Westlake, who serves General Brock in the war of 1812.

Amber Robinson: Amber is the talented artist/ animator from AmberAnimations who designed my web sites, along with artist Brittany Leclerc, who sketched the image of Aramanda on the home page of the Legend of Three Crowns portal. 

Dawna Robertson: Dawna is an environmental sculptor and artist who contributed to my Building a Sustainable Future efforts.  Her work is world renowned, and I am proud to say that I have one of her pieces- a Spirit Bear sculpture- on my mantle, and another "A Mighty Novel Grows" in m office.  

Lilianna Tommasini: My Cookbook Addiction, writing about food!  Lili writes for the Montreal Gazette as the Food Examiner.  She is one of the best cooks I've known and her interest in food goes well beyond the kitchen and the table!

Auberge des Gallant: Linda Gallant is the host and creative hotelier who runs this charming Vintage Inn outside Montreal.  It is a perfect writer's retreat!  And the world-class gourmet chefs will keep you nourished and delighted.

Louise Tremblay: Louise is an inspiration to business women and marketing professionals, and one of the inspirations for me in the writing of Wings of a Fly!  Her site is an invaluable reference for business executives looking for expert marketing and strategy information.

Ezra Annes: This stately but cozy heritage inn located in Whitby is the site of a WCDR writing workshop, hosted by me with author Paul Lima as instructor.  It is a lovely place to write, with lots of secret nooks for retreating with a pen and paper, or a laptop.