For Godsake hold your tongue, and let me love,
  Or chide my palsie, or my gout,
My five gray haires, or ruin’d fortune flout,
  With wealth your state, your minde with Arts improve,
     Take you a course, get you a place,
     Observe his honour, or his grace,
Or the Kings reall, or his stamped face
   Contemplate, what you will, approve,
   So you will let me love.

The Canonization
By John Donne

The deep-rooted yearning of the passionate in a dispassionate world…

Passion is the essence of story. As humans, we need to feel passion, even if we feel it in isolation. My writing is about the interactions of relationships, the desire, the disappointment, the abandonment; of how people fail each other, or rescue those they love. It is about people who love what they fear, who pursue that love even though they might get hurt.

A friend once commented, after reading a series of my poems and articles, “You have a big heart that hides behind a lot of strength.” I think the strength comes from the challenge of facing people who bury dreams, their own and those of others; and the heart comes of learning to appreciate the weakness in those people, of how they become as isolated as those they push aside.

My characters are strong-willed, often masking pain behind a veneer of confidence. Their personal sacrifices are evident in their reluctance to share when they most want to do so. Even in my poetry, there is the emergence of character reaching beyond its own strength for understanding, for interaction with others or with their own sorrow.

Recurrent themes in my work involve the finality of death that temporarily breaks you, the passion suppressed that struggles for expression, the isolation that disconnects, and ultimately the triumph of knowing that what could have broken you, heartened you.

Sally Moore, President of WCDR, 2013-2015

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 About Sally’s Writing:

"Brilliant, a haunting and evocative poem -- brittle and insistent."

Ruth E. Walker, Writescape, Author of Living Underground, Seraphim Books

“Wonderful story. [A Little Piece of Granny] Loved this ...

Thelma sat at the kitchen table, smiled sadly up at me, and told me that she had worked on this piece every night for two weeks. She could picture my Gramma, staying up nights, working all day, trying to get it done before she died. Thelma’s own husband had recently died, and she said, “The nights are the worst, when I have nothing to do, and his absence is the hardest. But working on this made me feel as if someone were here with me. I was proud to finish it for her.’

“Very touching - I'm thinking you were a bit teary-eyed when was your reader.”
Larry Humber, writer, artist

“There is a lot of very strong material here and no doubt in the novel as a whole. The characters of both Edourd and Aramanda come across strongly, as do the contrasts and tensions between them; the action, on the whole, is vividly rendered and compelling.”
Nino Ricci, Author, Testament, Origin of the Species

“Mary Jo just sent me "A Little Piece of Granny" - which I had already read in the G&M with a haunted heart. An elegant essay, both understated and finely crafted, a lace of words... Encore!”
Wayson Choy, Author, All That Matters, Not Yet, Paper Shadows

"Sally Moore’s writing demonstrates keen insight into the human condition and the ability to envision a wholly imagined world populated by real and compelling people.”
William Humber, Author, Diamonds of the North, Let It Snow

“You are becoming one of my favourite poets! "Gasoline" struck a chord with me. Right up my alley.”
Michael Khasmanian, Director of the Durham Theatre Festival

“I just re-read At Vimy Ridge. Wow! Moving. Crushing, beautiful. What a tribute to the best of the human spirit - particularly the Canadian spirit. And a blazing indictment of the insipid insensitivity and shallow nature and noise that seems to plague us everywhere. Your poetry drew me in and I saw your heart and the hearts of all Canadians in excruciating detail that I had not seen before.”
David Reed, Seattle, Washington

“Nice work Sally! I have to say my favourite is At Vimy Ridge. You really captured what a lot of people feel about military service and obligation, past and present.”

“You made me cry. A man you met twice - a fleeting nano-second of your life - meant so much to you that I was so touched. And in a world so cold and removed from sensitivities, I still believe in the after-life. I have to. And I know that Paul Quarrington saw your gesture and felt it. And smiled. After he cried, like I did.” [A Canadian in Paris]
Marina Ruth, Ottawa, Ontario

"Thank you for sharing your article [Shoulder of the Beast]. It is poignant and courageous. It speaks volumes as to what it is like for a young person to live through this betrayal of trust and how it can impact one’s entire life yet celebrates the power of voice. Thank you for sharing your heart and soul, Sally. It truly is a gift for anyone reading your article."
Janet Lee, Ministry of the Attorney General, Crown Attorney Office, Kingston, Ontario

"When I opened the piece [Shoulder of the Beast], and began reading I had to read right through to the end without stopping. It’s a fantastic piece of writing – courageous, clear and compelling."

Sue Reynolds, Piquant Productions, Past President, Writers’ Community of Durham Region

“A powerful piece of writing… darn near perfect.” [Shoulder of the Beast]
Ruth E. Walker, Writescape, Author of Living Underground, Seraphim Books

“This is a wonderful essay! [A Little Piece of Granny] Your relationship with your Grandmother was, and remains, magical. I found this piece powerful and impactful. Imagine, in this cold, uncaring world, a bag of crocheted shapes is capable of warming even the most cynical of us. Thank you for sharing this with us!”
“Zil”- Globe and Mail posting

“A wonderful essay, Sally. [A Little Piece of Granny] My grandparents all died before I was born, and I always envied my grandparented friends. You are so lucky to have had her in her life, and how lovely that you now have that treasured keepsake!”
Dorothea Helms, The Writing Fairy

“This is a lovely essay. [A Little Piece of Granny]  I enjoyed reading about the author's special relationship with her beloved grandmother. I also liked learning about the connection between the author and Thelma, who finally finished the table cloth. It's truly an item to be treasured because it was made by two very special ladies.”
Chrissy Simon, Globe and Mail Posting

“Your book [Wings of a Fly] was the perfect companion - a perfect distraction. I love the way you started. I love Tori. She made me think of myself when I was working and travelling a lot. I`m still enjoying it.”
Claudia Maura, New York, New York

“I really like the part that takes place in the Gatineaus. It's really vivid -- reads like you were really there visiting someone with a nice cottage.” [Wings of a Fly]
Stephanie Regan, writer

“I finished reading the book. [Wings of a Fly] Loved it. Loved the details of Toronto places, you got that down pat. The characters were really good.”

“I have finished the chapters you sent me [Legend of Three Crowns] and loved every second of it. Sally your writing is beautiful, I didn't read it with editing in mind, I read as a regular person would read it and it is awesome. So can I have more please.”

“I finished Book one. [Legend of Three Crowns] What a man Milton is. Is there someone out there like him that would stand by you no matter what? It was a perfect read. I am going to start on Book 2 now.”
Leila Deciantis, Toronto, Ontario

“Your descriptions create a very good visual image, you should definitely pursue your writing path. You really brought your characters to life.” [Wings of a Fly]
Terri Clinton, Whitby, Ontario

“I finished the book!!! [Wings of a Fly] You will have to write a sequel. Curious minds want to know more about Tori and Max.”

“I love the characters. I forget they are fictional.” [Legend of Three Crowns]
Lilianna Tommasini, The Montreal Food Examiner

"Wow!!!! I just finished it! I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!! Love, love, love the last line………. BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!! I love these characters! I’ll miss the adventures of Max and Tori……… Maybe there will be a sequel……..” [Wings of a Fly]
Marina Di Girolamo, Montreal, Quebec

“I am sitting here in Tremblant reading your book, and in absolute awe... I love it!” [Wings of a Fly]

“I am so addicted…. I need more!!!" [Wings of a Fly]

“Imagine, I am dreaming of your characters… do you think they have gotten into my head a little bit?” [Wings of a Fly]

“I am so enjoying this book. Every spare moment I have I sneak another chapter. I am off to bed to dream of Milton and his princess…" [Legend of Three Crowns]

“Sally I recognise you in your writing. You do not take the easy route, you go with your heart. I am impressed and it allows you to create other stories inside your stories. I actually had tears in my eyes.”
Linda Gallant, Auberge des Gallant

“Here's the scoop on your book!! Each time I read it I am more and more drawn in by the compelling energy of it! I've never had that happen before! Your composition of words, storyline, mystery and descriptive is totally captivating and quite frankly refreshingly energizing!!! It happens each time I re-read it!!!” [Wings of a Fly]
Dawna Robertson, environmental artist

Sally, I'm overwhelmed by the work and thoroughness of your analysis and treatment. This is more than I ever could have imagined. I can't thank you enough!  This will be just the ticket to take this project to the next level!!” [film treatment, Throwaway Daughter]

Dianne Schwalm, New Franchise Media

You write about life, clear and succinct.  There is a story in Wings of a Fly, but you reach for something more.  Not only are the characters alive but they battle an inner angst almost against themselves.  You write with a depth that is simply missing from other literary fiction."

Tom Taylor, Author, Brock's Railroad, Brock's Agent

"I've read Wings of a Fly and it was hard to put down.  I can't get over all the knowledge and experience that went into the story."

Lucy Brennan, Author, Migrants All, The Tellings & Mad Sweeney