Aramanda Dumas, Princess of Legend

Genre: Historical Fiction Fantasy Crossover
Setting: Fictional country of Dunia, a royal court rife with factions and warrior origins
Story: The mystical hold on an ambitious royal princess, the father who controls her future, and her passion for a man she cannot have.


Born the daughter of a powerful king, Aramanda Dumas fascinates the world with her birthmark of three crowns. Trained to conform to her legend, she is strong, stormy, and with the warrior’s spirit that her obsessive father demands.  If she is to rule after him, she must be perfect, must prove that nothing will deter her resolve to be queen. To do this, she must defeat her half-brother, Prince Edourd, who, with his intelligence and military prowess, is as passionate as she to be crowned.  Hampered by the machinations of her brother; a family secret; the betrayal of a neighbouring prince; and her ill-fated love affair with her father’s gentleman, Aramanda must overcome all to collect on her father’s promise and fulfill the legend of three crowns.

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